Exploratoria is an open-source project that attempts to show how easy it is to use Three.js and other JavaScript tools to code visualizations of physical systems. Each visualization and its underlying code are displayed side by side to show immediately the results of experimentation. Completed exhibits are listed by category, with recently added exhibits in bold.

Astronomy & Solar System

Gravitating System
Gravitating System WebXR
Star Spotter



Engineering & Structure

Catenoid to Helicoid
Plane to Sphere
Platonic Solids
Rotating Tesseract

Heat & Temperature

Brownian Motion
Random Walk

Light & Color

Color Addition
Color Subtraction

Mathematics & Patterns

Hopf Fibration
Lorenz Attractor
Modular Fibration
Parametric Surfaces
Plane Cutting Ellipsoid

Mechanics, Dynamics & Motion

Elastic Collisions in 2D
Elastic Collisions in 3D
Elastic Collisions in Flatland

Waves & Resonance

Cylindrical Wave
Plane Wave
Spherical Wave

The project is an online hommage to the real-world Exploratorium, a mere few blocks away from where I write in San Francisco.

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