List generated 2016.12.05 using Exploratorium Exhibits

140° Stereo Viewer
3D Shadows
A Drop To Drink
Acoustic Navigation
Adjustable Eye
Aeolian Harp
Aeolian Landscape
Aether Zoetrope
After Image
Air Brake
Air Pump
Air Reed
Air Rings
Alien Voices
Alzheimer’s Disease
Ames Chairs
Anamorphic Column
Anatomy of A Stroke
Anatomy of a Memory
Angel Columns
Angle of Repose
Animation Workstation
Anti-Gravity Mirror
Apparent Motion
Auditory Illusions
Auditory Transductions
Aurora Borealis
Auto Pilot Gyro
Avalanche – Landfall
Balancing Ball
Ball Launcher
Bat Marimba
Bat Vibration
Beam Bridge
Benham’s Disc
Bernoulli Blower
Bernoulli Levitator
Bicycle Legs
Bicycle Rope Squirter
Bicycle Wheel Gyro
Bicycle Wheel Harp
Big Tuning Fork
Binary to Decimal
Bird In Cage
Black Hole
Black Sand
Blind Spot
Blood Vessels of The Eye
Blow Out Your Toaster
Blue Sky
Blue Whirlpool
Bob Miller Image Panel
Body Sextant
Bone Stress
Bosun’s Chair
Bottle Still Life
Bouncing Ball
Bouncing Baseballs
Braceable Bridge
Braided Stream
Brain Cell Connections
Brain In A Jar
Bridge Light
Bright Black
Brine Shrimp
Bronx Cheer
Bronze Hand
Bubble Suspension
Bulbs & Batteries
Cafe Wall Explainer
Cafe Wall Illusion
Can Crusher
Can You Place That Face?
Can You Read This License Plate?
Cardboard Tube Syllabus
Cat Ate The Rat
Catch A Spark
Catenary Arch
Celestial Navigation
Cell Explorer Kiosk
Center of Gravity
Change Blindness
Changing Illusions
Chaotic Pendulum
Charge & Carry
Chasing The Odds
Cheshire Cat
Chick Heartbeat
Chicken Embryo
Christmas Tree Balls
Circles of Magnetism
Circling Wave Umbrella
Circuit Workbench
Circular Deformations
Circular Scales
Cloud Chamber
Cloud Rings
Coated Optics
Cold Metal
Color & Light
Color Blindness Test
Color Contrast
Color Contrast 2
Color Removal
Color Reversal
Color TV & Magnetism
Color Table
Color Temperature
Colored Shadows
Colored Words
Common Cents
Confused Sea
Contour Lines
Convection Cells
Convection Currents
Conversation Piece
Cool Hot Rod
Coriolis Fountain
Corner Reflector
Corpuscles of The Eye
Count The Bounces
Count The Ways
Countless Colors
Coupled Pendulums
Critical Angle
Curie Point
Cyber Lumen
Cycloid Station
Cylindrical Mirrors
DC Motor Generator
DNA Master Molecule
Daisy Dyno
Delayed Speech
Descartes Diver
Disagreeing About Color
Disappearing Act
Disappearing Glass Rods
Distilled Light
Distorted Room
Doppler Effect
Downhill Race
Draw The Maze
Drawing Table
Duck Into Kaleidoscope
Dumbbell Gyroscope
Dust Storm
Eadward Muybrige
Ear To The Ground
Ear Tricks
Earliest Memories
Earth’s Magnetic Field
Echo Tube
Eddy Currents
Elastic Surgery
Electric Ear
Electric Flame
Electric Fleas
Endless Wave
Energy vs. Power
Everyone Is You & Me
Eyeball Machine
Fading Dot
Fading Motion
Falling Feather
Falling Magnets
Far Out Corners
Feedback Roller Ramp
Feeling Your Way
Find That Sound
Find The Groove
Find The Highest Note
Finding Latitude
Finding Their Way
Finger Tingler
Flashbulb Memories
Floating In Copper
Floating Objects
Floating Rings
Flow Formations
Fluorescent Light
Fluorescent Rods
Fluttering Bridge
Fluttering Silk
Fluvial Storm
Fog Chamber
Fog Chamber II
Fountain of Instability
Fovea Blinder
Frequency Excluder
Frozen Hand
Garden of Smells
Gas Model
Gaussian Melody
Generator Effect
Genetic Inheritance
Giant Bearing
Giant Catenary Arch
Giant Chair
Giant Electroscope
Giant Eyeball
Giant Guitar String
Giant Meter
Giant Microscope
Giant Slinky
Glass Bead Rainbow
Glow Discharge Tube
Gravity Powered Calculator
Gravity Well
Gravity’s Rainbow
Green Lips
Green Tomatoes
Guess The Mnemonic
Gyro Chair
Hand Battery
Hand Crank Generator
Hearing Range
Heartbeat Cycle
Heat Camera
Heat Pump Hand Crank
Hertz Resonator
Hold The Phone
Hole Saw Rhythms
Holes In A Wall
Hoop Nightmares
Horse’s Tail
Hot & Cold
Hot & Cold Chimneys
Hot Light
Hot Spot
Hyperbolic Slot
Icy Bodies
Illusions Package
Image Play
Image Relay
Impossible Triangle
Infalling Cloud
Inside The Thinking Brain
Inverse Square Law
Island In The Stream
It’s A Plot
Jacob’s Ladder
Jovian Cloud Tops
Jukebox Memory
Keeping The Beat
Kettle Drum
Keva Planks
Kinetic Light
Language Blocks
Lariat Chain
Laser Communicator
Lens Table
Lessons From The Lab
Life Maps
Light & The Eye
Light Island
Light Path
Liquid Litmus
Liquid Mirror
Lissajous Patterns
Listening Guide Theater
Listening Vessels
Listening While Talking
Living On Wood
Long Path Diffraction
Look Into Infinity
Low Frequency Light
Lumen Illusion
Magic Wand
Magnetic Bacteria
Magnetic Clouds
Magnetic Field Stone
Magnetic Globe
Magnetic Labyrinth
Magnetic Lines of Force
Magnetic Pendulums
Magnetic Spinner
Magnetic Suction
Magnetic Wave Machine
Magnetic Waves
Make A Mobile
Make Your Pulley System
Map Panels
Map Projector
Marble Accelerator
Memorable Century
Mercator Your Face
Michelson Interferometer
Mirrorly A Window
Mix & Match
Molecular Buffeting Model
Molecular Buffeting Real
Momentum Machine
Mondrian Grey Step
Motion Detector
Motion Theater
Motor Effect
Moving Stripes
Mud Panels
Mutant Fruit Flies
Mysterious Melodies
Name That Soundscape
Name Those Tunes
Navigation Maze
Nerve Impulse
No Peek Pong
No Sound Through Empty Space
Non-Round Rollers
Ohm’s Law
Organ Pipe
Out Quiet Yourself
Paper Airplane Launcher
Paris In The Spring
Parting Water
Pedal Generator
Pendulum & Turntable
Pendulum Clock
Pendulum Snake
Pendulum Table
Pendulum/Relative Motion
Peripheral Vision
Persistence of Vision
Perspective Window
Phantom Words
Phase Pendulum
Photoelectric Effect
Piano Strobe
Picket Fence Beats
PinBell Machine
Pinball Machine
Pinhole Magnifier
Pipes of Pan
Pitch Slider
Pitch Switch
Pitch Timing
Plasma Globe
Polarized Light Island
Polarized Light Mosaic
Population Fluctuation
Precious Images
Primary of A Cube
Prism Tree
Protein Production Line
Pulfrich Pendulum
Push Over
Quick Tempered Clavier
Radioactive Decay Model
Rainbow Edges
Reach For It
Reach For Meaning
Reaction Time
Recycled Sound
Red & Green Goggles
Remember That Face
Remember That Taste
Remembering Nagasaki
Repeating Words
Resonant Pendulum
Resonant Rings
Resonant Rods
Resonant Spheres
Reverse Distance
Reverse Masks
Rift Zone
Ring Toss
Rope Squirter
Rope Squirter II
Rotating Faces
Rotating Gray Step
Rotating Light
Rotating Pendulum
Round Arch Bridge
Sailboat Race
Salt Piece
Satellite Orbit Simulator
Sea of Clouds
See Yourself On The Inside
See Yourself Sweat
Seeing Time
Seeing Yellow
Seismic Sand
Selective Hearing
Sensing Your Way Video
Series/Parallel Circuits
Settling Column
Shadow Box
Shadow Box – Lightroom Painting
Shadow Kaleidoscope
Shake Hands With Yourself
Shake Table
Shape The Soundscape
Short Circuit
Silage Beach
Simplex Engine
Singing Coach
Single Drop
Sip of Conflict
Size & Distance
Slice of Bubbles
Slice of Clouds
Slice of Light
Slice of Turbulence
Sliding Gray Step
Slow Blue
Small Water Vortex
Smells & Emotions
Soap Bubbles Tray
Soap Film Painting
Soap Films
Solar Signature
Son of Transformer
Sonic Range
Sooner or Later
Sophisticated Shadows
Sound Bite
Sound Memories
Sound Puzzles
Sound Sculpture
Sound Spectrogram
South Pointing Cart
Speech Dissector
Spinning Blackboard
Spinning Eraser
Spinning Patterns
Spring Box
Square Wheels
Standing Wave
Static Landscape
Stereo Pictures
Stereo Rule
Stereo Sound
Stereo Viewers
Strange Attractor
Stress Analysis
Stripped Down Motor
Strobe Flower
Strobe Fountain
Subjective Contours
Summer Sun Winter Sun
Sun Dial
Sun Painting
Swelling Sand
TV Snow & Radial Edges
Table Tops
Tacoma Narrows Video
Take It From The Top
Talking In Circles
Taylor Column
Tea Leaves
Tectonic Basin
Termite Gut
Tesla Coil
The Workshop
Thermal Impressions
Thread The Needle
Three Balls On A String
Three Kinds of Light
Through The Looking Glass
Tiling Table
Timing Your Direction
Tiny Bubbles
Tone Memory
Touch Sensitivity/Surface Roughness
Touch The Spring
Touch Theater
Traffic Illusion
Trapezoidal Window
Tune Blocks
Turbo Flora
Turbulent Orb
Two As One
Two Eyes
Two Kinds of Remembering
Two Wheels & Ball
Unstable Table
Vanna – About Face
Velvet Hands
Vertical Pinscreen
Vibrating Pinscreen
Vibrating String
Video Feedback
Violin Air Resonance
Visible Effects of The Invisible
Visible Vibrations
Vocal Vowels
Walking Beats
Walking Slinky
Watch Dog
Watch Water Freeze
Water Freezer
Water Sphere Lens
Water Spinner
Water Standing On Air
Watt’s the Difference
Wave Machine
Wave Organ
Wave Upon Wave
Waves On A String
Which Embryo Is Human?
Which Sperm Is Human?
Which Way Is North America?
Whirling Watcher
Who Are These Men?
Who Did It?
Who Is That?
Who’s There?
Wide Angle Memories
Wide Eyes
Wind Tubes
Your Father’s Nose
Zeeman Effect
Zero to Sixty (Fifty)
Zoetrope Junior

Total Number of Exhibits: 561